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We recommend that you contact your local clerk to verify the information since it does change from time to time. When you visit the clerk’s office bring an acceptable form of payment for your filing fees and your original Drivers license. (You may be required to provide additional identification.)

  • Be sure to call and ask the following questions:
    • Do you both need to be present when applying for the license?
    • If you are an out of state resident, are there any special requirements you should be
      aware of?
    • What is the exact filing fee?
    • Does the filing fee include a certified copy of the marriage certificate or must you purchase
      it separately?
    • What specific identification or proof of age must you provide?
    • If you or your fiancé have been previously married, must you provide proof of divorce or any
      other paperwork?
    • Are AIDS tests required or any other medical test required?
    • Ask for directions to their office.
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To notify us of corrections or additions send an email to update@marriagelicense.com.  Please include the state and county that you are referring to.

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